First and Fabulous: Team RTIwala among Finalists at Startup Dialogues 2018

Sandbox Startups Deshpande Foundation RTIwala Team Startup Dialogue 2018

How often is it that the first time becomes a near-perfect experience? Isn’t it a great feeling when the veterans laud your months’ old start-up venture?

 We attended the Start-Up Dialogue on 2-3rd February 2018, with a wish to share our passion-filled venture, RTIwala with the best among the best in the start-up arena. Little did we know that what was unique & dear to us, will receive such praises and invigoration from one and all present. Truly, with all our heart, the RTIwala team takes the utmost pride in being regarded as one of the most distinguished B-plan in terms of vision and our commitment to serve the nation’s need of the hour.


Sandbox Startups Deshpande Foundation RTIwala Team Startup Dialogue 2018

Lighting Ceremony at Startup Dialogue 2018


There were nearly 470+ applications for the Startup Dialogue 2018 from across India, wherein only 45+ teams could make up to the last round. And, I am proud to say that Team RTIwala was one of the top 10 teams at the event who were selected for the final round of B-Plan competition by passing in all the three rounds. It was the pleasure to attend the event in the capacity of Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer at RTIwala accompanied by Mr. Sumeet Mahendra, Founder of RTIwala, and the guiding and passionate force behind the team RTIwala.


Phanindra Sama Sandbox Startups Deshpande Foundation RTIwala Team Startup Dialogue 2018

RTIwala Founder met Redbus Co-Founder

Startup Dialogue, 2018 held under the umbrella of the Sandbox Startups and the Deshpande Foundation acting as a bridge between the stakeholders, Investors, Business Leaders, etc and Startups, Young Business Minds belonging to Indian startup ecosystem and helps them to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship. Startup Dialogue is one of the esteemed fora of India which comes with a series of exciting panels lined up to comprehensively enable the ecosystem, networking sessions for all the stakeholders.

The event was divided into four parts namely, Startup Challenge: B-Plan Competition, Speed Dating with VCs, Startup Expo and Developthon. During the event, we had a chance to listen to the esteemed speakers at the event sharing their outlook on changing India, innovation, entrepreneurship and much more. It was greatly inspiring and encouraging.

Some of the esteemed speakers at the event were Kishore Biyani (Founder and CEO, Future Group), Phanindra Sama, (Co-founder and the CEO of RedBus), Raghunandan G, (Co- Founder and CEO -Taxi for sure), Ram G Vallath (Author and Motivational Speaker), Niket Karajagi (Business psychologist & Coach), Rajendra D (Engineering Director, ZOHO), Amit Chandra (Managing Director, Bain Capital Private Equity) and Thirukumaran Nagarajan (Co-Founder and CEO, Ninjacart & Angel Investor), etc.

Now you know what makes us so proud?

Talking about few highlights of the event through speakers opening, it was very enthusiastic to take note of the knowledge shared by all of them. More particularly, I am extremely influenced by the inspiring and breathtaking life story of Mr. Ram G. Vallath.

Sandbox Startups Deshpande Foundation RTIwala Team Startup Dialogue 2018

Fireside Chat


Mr. Niket Karajagi (Business psychologist, Coach and Organization Development Facilitator) provided important lessons of business, do’s and don’ts of a business startup.


Mr. Phanindra Sama (Co-founder and the CEO of RedBus), Mr. Raghunandan (Co-Founder and CEO-TaxiForSure), were much motivating all of us in understanding their ups and downs and how they started their journey. And that, after a lot of efforts, their success needs no description. Not to forget, the down-to-earth attitude and sweet smile of Mr. Sama must be added to our much-appreciated takeaways from the event.

The Event Unfurled

On the first day of the event, the B-Plan competition took place wherein a short presentation was supposed to be presented by each team. We made our presentation which was praised by all the razor-sharp panelists set scrutinize our startup idea, RTIwala. On both the days, there were some noteworthy speakers and fruitful discussion on entrepreneurship. We not only asked a couple of questions but also shared his ideas with investors and other startups too.

An idea today is a revolution tomorrow. That’s what the RTIwala team believes and has been working on. Stay tuned to @RTIwala as we are about to change the way you think as we revolutionize the Indian media scene with our breakthrough revelations & reality checks.

Ruchita Jain, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer at RTIwala

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