RTIwala Team invited to International RTI Summit 2017

RTIwala Team invited to International RTI Summit 2017

Our Entry to International RTI Summit 2017

Getting early recognition is not an easy task, well that’s quite contradictory in our case as we got it too and too early. We’re invited to International RTI Summit and Award Ceremony 2017 on basis of our disruptive performance i.e., the RTIwala Reveals and Rw Explains Reports with an addition to the super Exclusive Interviews of Shri Shailesh Gandhi, AS Pandit and many other such Who’s who of India.

RTIwala Team International RTI Summit

Rw’s Marketing Manager Hemant Singh with RTI Institute’s Chairman Manish Kumar Shekhar

Someone rightly said, to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. In a country where politics and politicians are soon losing credibility, being aware of one’s rights is a task for sure. Time and again, governments across the globe have been taking to jeopardizing their people’s right to Information in one way or the other. Hence, the very beginning of attaining knowledge and awareness about the rights in one’s possession is to exercise their Right to Information. In today’s day and time, it is imperative of one’s existence to develop the most profound notion about one’s Right to Information.

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16 September 2017 marked a day of an equally effective and worthwhile assembly of minds who have chosen to lead the Right to Information march from the front. The International Right to Information Summit 2017 saw some highly solicitous individuals from across the globe, come together for a cause. Held in the national capital, the occasion took off with a keynote address from the who’s who of the RTI fraternity.

RTIwala Team invited to International RTI Summit 2017 Delhi

It was a two-day event, a congregation of world-famous RTI Activists, High-Rank Police Personnels, Lawyers and many other dignitaries namely Surendera M. Bhanot, President of RTIFED & HRD and many others. We put forward the way ahead and deliberately discussed the proposed changes mentioned under RTI Amendment Bill at Length.

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The Chief Organiser was Manish Kumar Shekhar, Chairman of RTI Institute of Delhi which also runs a diploma program for undergraduates. And this year’s RTI Award has been awarded to Shri Niraj Kumar from Lucknow, who is also a member of RTI Council of Uttar Pradesh and author of 150+ Books.

RTIwala is grateful to Neerja Kumar Ji and Manish Shekhar Ji for inviting us to this wonderful event.


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