We Did It : RTIwala TV welcomes First 100 Subscribers on YouTube!!

100 Subscribers on RTIwala TV

Nothing makes one happier than the ripening fruits of their hard work and dedication. And the feeling multiplies when the team deserves every bit of it. 

RTIwala TV, the flagship YouTube channel by RTIwala , has hit the 100 subscriber mark last week and it’s a proud moment for all of us at RTIwala. And we couldn’t just stop ourselves from sharing our Moment of Joy with our patrons. After all, it’s your love that binds us to put in our best at all times!

RTIwala TV reaches 100 on YouTube

RTIwala TV is committed to being the one-stop infotainment destination for the wise and young. Since there are too many out there for sheer entertainment and mindless virality, Team RTIwala makes it a point to keep everyone informed about all that’s worth knowing. And we are all charged up with the response we have received. But first, we would like to convey our heartiest welcome to our first 100 subscribers and each one of our viewers for a good 8-hours of viewing our brand new YouTube channel, RTIwala TV.

In our latest video, we have explained the much-talked-about General Data Protection Rights (GDPR) and its compliances. Do share your queries or feedback with us. Be it a new video concept or your suggestions on improvising our content on RTIwala TV, we are all ears!

Stay tuned to RTIwala TV for more awesome videos. Kee[ watching, keep sharing!!



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