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10 Takeaways from YourStory’s Techsparks

RTIwala Team at TechSparks, one of the most coveted start-up conferences of the country is held each year with great energy and vehemence that seldom fails to lit up the ‘Start-up City’. The TechSparks 2017 edition was no exception, not that we expected any different. For its organizers at YourStory, the annually held event is a handiwork that entails an innate euphoria and delight. At its eighth edition, TechSparks 2017 is visibly propagating exponentially.

India’s biggest rostrum for budding entrepreneurs, YourStory was founded in the year 2008 by Shradha Sharma. A woman of great substance and unparalleled prominence, she was the one of the first few to apprehend the upcoming glitz of the start-up ecosystem. Today, YourStory is the ultimate go-to destination for anyone dreaming, racing or even living by entrepreneurship. Stories, tips, researchers and papers, YourStory is all about defining your road to excellence for the modern day entrepreneur.

Our team at RTIwala that began its journey just a couple of months ago, is still basking in the glory of being offered an invitation to TechSparks 2017 gratis. Let us also tell you that most of the invitees and attendees had to shell out INR 14,500 for what we didn’t have to spare a penny. Being a news and media start-up with quite a few racing lines on its growth chart, RTIwala feels deeply accomplished and honoured with this enhanced momentum, courtesy YourStory team. Having said that, here’s our utmost keen recital of our fair share of takeaways from the ecstatic extravaganza that TechSparks 2017 was.

  1. I wish if you too could have attended it, for free! (boastful, are we?)
RTIwala YourStory Techsparks

Photo: Gourav Mahendra

It was the second invitation for Team RTIwala to attend it for free. Yeah, you read that right! The entry fee had been waived off for our digital media startup. So yes, we are special. Huh!!

 2. The Unending Queues of Zealous Attendees
If you wish to attend any such events in future, then please be there at least an hour prior the reporting time. As in our case, we reached lil late and luckily the show (event) hasn’t been started. Anyhow, we paid the price by standing in long, literally very long queue. No, we aren’t blaming the YourStory team or Vivanta by Taj administration, but the very craze for Techsparks among the urban youth.

3. We realised the meaning of jam-packed(still glad as ever)

After the entry through the main gate, we were happy only to get disappointed as the main hall was fully occupied by now 10.30 a.m. And the gatekeeper was seen letting people in, only when someone marched towards the EXIT point. That’s what counts for a spoiler for all those standing in the queue, wishing someone or the other would move out.

4. The Magnetic Aura and Ambience
Techsparks 2017 was undoubtedly the best place to be. More so, because the venue was the grand as ever, Vivanta by Taj and we honestly loved the aura out there. The gleefully lit-up faces of the upcoming entrepreneurs & start-up heroes surely, was equally invigorating and enthralling for team RTIwala.

 5. The Speakers: Who’s who of Every Sector

The list of speakers handpicked by Ms Shradhha Sharma, Founder, CEO and Chief Editor at YourStory was no ordinary and we felt blessed to make it there. RTIwala, being a digital media venture we were waiting for Shekhar Gupta, prominent veteran Journalist as there was quite less representation from Media fraternity.

6. The Photo-ops with the Host

RTIwala Blog Shradha Sharma YourStory TechSparks

We’re truly impressed by the lady in red, Ms Shradhha Sharma. Apart from anchoring, meeting & greeting the speakers, she never missed out on engaging with the attendees. We were touched by her vibrant and congenial demeanour, to say the least

7. The ever-appealing world of Glitz & Glamour

RTIwala Sussanne Khan YourStory TechSparks


It isn’t every day that you get selfied with the pretty and proud celebs. That too at an event of such grandeur. But then, RTIwala seldom ceases to amaze. More so, as our CTO Gourav Mahendra, not only interacted with very gorgeous Sussanne (Roshan) Khan but also got selfied with her. Yay to that!!!

8. Wish we could have exhibited a full-fledged RTIwala stall

When there are more than 15,000 footfalls, how can you miss the opportunity to brag about your concept, your startup venture, huh? Honestly speaking, we missed the opportunity as the charges left us berserk!!

9. Who on Earth could say NO?

RTIwala Techsparks Custom Mug

Yeah! We were not able to utter the ‘N’ word even as politely as we could. There were hundreds of stalls from all possible categories. From food to print, publication to co-working space. Therefore, we got so many, swear to God, so many free goodies. T-shirts, custom printed mugs, delicious chocolates, energy drinks and a lot more. We hoarded all that, with gratefulness.

10. The Lavish Spread at the Buffet

Yet again, an issue of crowd mismanagement was clearly visible. Although the cuisines were delicious, folks busy utilising their full value for money ended up in a chaos for all. So this point is basically for the poor freelancers & networking enthusiasts, please do not hope for much.

In our upcoming post under Rw Reviews on the RTIwala website, we’ll review the two-day Techsparks event at length, with all its pros & cons.

Till then, stay tuned with us for all things social!! Here you go, hit us up.

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